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According to the American Cancer Society, 1 In Every 39 Men Die of Prostate Cancer

That’s more than 26,000 deaths from prostate cancer each year. And, more shockingly, prostate cancer is totally preventable.

Unlike many cancers, prostate cancer does not develop ‘randomly’, but as a result of poor prostate health overall. If you do not take steps to protect your prostate health, you are putting yourself at risk.

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In just a few short minutes, you are about to discover the most effective, all-natural prostate solution ever developed. You’re going to learn how to boost your prostate function effortlessly and naturally.

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Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a prostate condition or are just concerned about it, this presentation will show you the actionable steps you need to take to improve your prostate health.

MEET THE REMARKABLE DOCTOR Who Lives On the Cutting Edge of Nutritional Medicine and the Traditions of Natural Healing...

Dr. Rudi Moerck holds a BS degree in Biology from Florida Southern College and holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Florida. He was a NIH postdoctoral fellow at Ohio State and taught chemistry at Ohio State, and also at Ohio Wesleyan University.

His career in the life sciences industry has been wide and varied covering a span of over 30 years. It includes being the principal inventor of RenaZorb, a new kidney drug currently undergoing clinical trials for FDA approval.

In 2005, Dr. Moerck became the President of Valensa International, leading the management team in implementing a new corporate strategy focused on turning the company into a science-based developer of botanically sourced products for human health and well-being.

Dr. Moerck’s life’s work has successfully treated thousands of patients with the latest natural health breakthroughs.

He is an expert in the benefits of Saw Palmetto for use in all-natural prostate health.

Take a look at this.

It’s a Saw Palmetto plant...

and it has the power to change your life.

I know, it sounds weird. But medical science is increasingly certain that Saw Palmetto has the power to not only dramatically improve prostate function (possibly even reducing the risk of prostate cancer)...

... But also improve your quality of life overall, resulting in higher testosterone levels and a better sex life.

According to research by The University Of Maryland medical center, Saw Palmetto can effectively treat prostate-related conditions like frequent urination, balding, and nighttime urination.

In fact, according to the report, Saw Palmetto may be just as effective for these conditions as the pharmaceutical finasteride—but without the dangerous side effects.

As you’re about to discover, this plant—along with a few other herbs that work synergistically with it—is the ‘key’ to better prostate health, as well as enjoying the overall benefits that come with a healthy prostate.

According to Dr. Moerck, the medical literature contains as many as 100 clinical studies on saw palmetto.

“The mechanism of action of saw palmetto is not fully clear”, Dr. Moerck says. “We are certainly not making any drug claims, but the anecdotal evidence suggests that there is a reduction in the conversion of testosterone into the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) … and therefore, men that take saw palmetto will have slightly higher levels of testosterone in their body…”

The biggest key to protecting your sexual health, lowering the risk of prostate cancer, raising testosterone levels and a more satisfying love life that Dr. Moerck discovered is something that was used ages ago that turns out to still be viable today.

Healthy Prostate 365 is a revolutionary new prostate treatment developed by an elite research team with a focus on men’s health issues.

What makes Healthy Prostate 365 unique is that it is based on a highly concentrated herbal formula that has been proven effective in numerous trials.

It is a formula of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Tomato Lycopene and Cranberry Seed Extract that has never been released before in any other product.

This Extra-Strength Formula Delivers The Most Powerful Package of Prostate-Enhancing Benefits Ever Conceived. That Includes:

Relief from urination issues

Improved sexual function

Reduced DHT conversion

Prevention of prostate related diseases

Increased strength and sexual potency

AND even prevention of hair loss

Imagine you had an opportunity to improve your health, sex life, and reduce your cancer risk with just one purchase...

Healthy Prostate 365 Is The Most Powerful Prostate Supplement Ever Developed

Healthy Prostate 365 naturally increases testosterone levels.* The Saw Palmetto, Cranberry Extract and Pumpkin Seed Oil in Healthy Prostate 365 dramatically boost testosterone levels by reducing the amount of testosterone that is converted to DHT--

this also has the highly prized side effect of combating hair loss and promoting health, energy and vitality.

And with increased testosterone comes massively improved sexual health.

You will last longer and be stronger than ever before, thanks to Healthy Prostate 365’s all-natural formula, which increases testosterone levels and reduces or even eliminates the swelling of the prostate.

By Promoting Overall Prostate Health, Healthy Prostate 365 May Contribute to Preventing Prostate Cancer.*

Although Healthy Prostate 365 is no substitute for regular trips to your doctor, many of the ingredients in this revolutionary health product have been studied in prostate cancer trials with fascinating results that have the medical community buzzing.

Healthy Prostate 365 hones in on the root causes of common prostate and testosterone issues by proactively preventing testosterone being converted to DHT AND by reducing oxidative stress to the prostate.*

The conversion of testosterone to DHT has been shown to be a MAJOR contributing factor to balding, and a leading source of prostate health issues.

Healthy Prostate 365 Delivers an Incredible Package
of Active Ingredients, Through All Natural Sources.

This is a powerful, all-natural combination of ingredients you won’t find anywhere else, especially not at the ultra-high concentrations we’ve prepared.

Saw Palmetto all natural source of essential nutrients that have been shown in clinical trials to deliver benefits to men’s health—including significant prostate benefits. By using a highly refined and concentrated Saw Palmetto formula, Healthy Prostate 365 delivers the full effect of Saw Palmetto that most supplements miss.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

...which has been shown to boost prostate health, improve testosterone levels and reduce prostate swelling that leads to urination issues and erectile difficulty.

Tomato Lycopene

...a powerful carotenoid that has been clinically proven to accumulate within the prostate and fight off oxidative stress, leading to dramatically improved overall prostate health.

Cranberry Seed Extract

...a powerful and widely researched plant-based extract that contains highly concentrated amounts of Phytosterols, which clinical trials have shown to prevent the decomposition of testosterone which in turn leads to increased testosterone levels and benefits like increased energy and higher sex drive. There is also compelling scientific evidence that Cranberry Seed Extract can help reduce urination issues associated with prostate problems.

This is a powerful, all-natural combination of ingredients you won’t find anywhere else, especially not at the ultra-high concentrations we’ve prepared.

And, from the highly concentrated formula of Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Tomato Lycopene and Cranberry Seed Extract come a number of prostate-strengthening compounds, including:

  • Beta-carotene, a vegetable product that some studies link to reduced cancer risk.
  • Lutein, a naturally occurring compound and one of the most prized natural nutrients in the world
  • Zeaxanthin, another all-natural compound that, among other things, has been proven to have massively beneficial effects on the eyes

Studies show that Healthy Prostate 365 contains more beta-
carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin than competing formulas to ensure that you are getting the HIGHEST POSSIBLE CONCENTRATION of a winning formula that has been proven time and time again to get results.

No expense has been spared in ensuring that this product is sourced 100% from the safest, organic compounds. Each and every ingredient was derived from an all natural plant source. That means:

  • No dangerous chemicals
  • No unproven ingredients developed in a lab
  • No health risks
  • No risk of contamination

Many prostate cures promoted by big pharma rely on chemical ingredients that come with a host of side effects. Though these compounds may work in the short run, the side effects and ingredients come with long term risk.

Our Research Team Stands Behind
Healthy Prostate 365  100%

It's produced from the highest quality materials, utilizing state-of-the-art research,manufacturing and quality processes that were unheard of just a short time ago.

Healthy Prostate 365 is manufactured to the highest purity specifications at a new 50,000 square foot FDA-inspected laboratory that's certified to produce pharmaceutical-grade medicines, over-the-counter drugs, and nutraceutical supplements.

Best of all, we’ve included every possible all-natural ingredient you’ll ever need in Healthy Prostate 365, which means you don't have to shell out your hard earned money for all these ingredients separately.

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Imagine you had an opportunity to improve your health, sex life, and reduce your cancer risk with just one purchase...

Relief from urination issues*

Improved sexual function*

Reduced DHT conversion*

Prevention of prostate related diseases*

Increased testosterone levels

AND even prevention of hair loss*

Healthy Prostate 365 is guaranteed to include the most powerful and highest concentrations of men’s health and pain-fighting ingredients in our compound...

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